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Ponderings of a Projector - Returning to Innocence

Triggers can happen at anytime and without warning.  If we acknowledge, allow and embrace the energy brought on by a trigger, it can be divine fuel for magical transformation in our lives.

Yesterday I received a selfie photo from a dear friend, wearing a fishing cap that I had given him last Christmas.  As I looked at his peaceful smile beneath the cap, I felt a sudden wave of deep melancholy.

I have learned through the years of Gene Keys and Emotion Code practice,

that when I experience a sudden emotion,

it serves to honor the energy and allow it to be processed, as it happens.

So, I followed my inner guidance and dug out an old childhood photo album.

Out popped the photo below, as if imploring me to give it my attention.

Me, at the age of 9, wearing my favorite soothing fishing cap, similar to the one I had given my friend.

(I had no idea at the time of purchasing this cap for my friend just how significant it would be for me and my own personal healing months later.)

I picked the photo up from the floor and sat with it. It was as if I had never seen this picture before. Who is this? As I looked into the eyes of this child, memories of abuse pour out of me. 

I can see in this photo how this child tried to hide herself.

I can feel her sorrow, her isolation. 

I can see the beginning of the hardening of her heart.

When we think we are done with processing, forgiving and healing of something,

we are reminded of the spiral of transformation in softening one’s heart. 

It continues upwards and inwards - another layer, then another, and another, and another...

As I sit on the floor with this photo in my hand, I lean back and join this child in her pain.

I breathe into experiencing how the energy feels in my body.  I notice tightness gripping my heart.

I allow this energy to simply be as it is without connecting it to any story.

I recognize that it is stuck, old energy from an earlier experience that is no longer happening.

I feel a sense of relief - it is time to let this go.  (breathe)

During the next minutes of contemplation (the merging of heart’s compassion with mind’s imagination),

I lovingly embrace this child within me.  I let her know she is safe, she is valued, she is worthy, lovable.  She is called to step out and step in!

She is called to playfully be and radiate all that she is out into the world!

I begin to feel an immense sense of gratitude for every experience that has led me to this moment of deep inner love and acceptance. This leads to a sweet feeling of lightness and freedom inside me.

As I whisper these words of compassion and empowerment to my inner chid, I find myself also offering these words to each and every soul’s inner child, that ever was, is and ever shall be:

“May you embrace the warmth of your light, innocence, playfulness, love and pure joy

and radiate it out to warm the hearts of all those around you.”

Thank you for sharing this experience with me.

Have a beautiful day honoring you!


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