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Opening Heart Energy

Freeing the movement of heart energy through the dismantling of the heart-wall.

What is a heart-wall? Dr. Bradley Nelson, founder of Emotion Code, explains the heart-wall in this 6 minute video.

If you are feeling stuck, numb, a dullness towards life's experiences, heaviness in the heart, or disconnected with yourself and others, a heart-wall release session is a powerful gift to give yourself. Through the dismantling of your heart-wall, your creative life force begins to flow freely again, allowing you to experience life's full vibrancy and return to the lightness of heart that is you. This practice enhances and expands all aspects in your life, discovering true inner peace, tapping into your body's ability to heal, and opening up fully to the natural ease of giving, receiving and being love. For more information on how to get started, I invite you to schedule a free discovery call with me.


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